About us

Jørgen Kirkegaard

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jørgen Kirkegaard has over thirty-five years of expertise in financial information technology, building systems, API and solutions for a wide set of different companies.
In 1999 Jørgen co-founded StaticData (now Financial Data Solutions), and for more than 20 years, StaticData has provided specialist advice, bespoke financial data solutions and services to our clients.
From 1993 to 1999 Jørgen held a Chief Development Consultant position at SimCorp, having considerable influence over the system design and development of Dimension.
Prior to SimCorp, Jørgen held a Chief Project Management position at BetaPlan, and was later offered partnership in BetaPlan. In 1993 SimCorp and BetaPlan merged and thus Jørgen was financially involved in the merger.
Jørgen holds a BSc. in Computer Science and a BSc. in Information Psychology from the University of Copenhagen.

Joan Kvist

Head of Solution Sales

Joan is responsible for worldwide solution sales and partner relationships.
Working in the finance industry for over twenty-five years (banking, pension and insurance), has given Joan an extensive experience and knowledge in the finance sector.
Since 1994 she has been working with computer projects in the financial sector.

Jakob Møller

Production & QA Manager

Jakob brings over twenty-five years of expertise in information technology. Having worked for a wide set of companies, Jakob has extensive experience in IT Operations, Quality Assurance, and Support.
Before Jakob joined Financial Data Solutions in 2017, he worked for, among others, companies Elsevier, Telenor, and LASAT Communications.
Jakob holds a BSc. in Engineering and Energy Technology from Aalborg University and is an IPMA Certified Project Management Associate. He also holds several ITIL Certifications.

Annelise Madsen

Head of Business Development

Annelise has been with StaticData/Financial Data Solutions since 1999. She manages and coordinates the support and development resources to keep the company on track and together working towards the same goals.
Annelise “wrote the book” on StaticData expansion in the Nordics and is involved with every new project as a knowledge base.
Annelise holds a BSc. in Computer Science and a BSc. in Information Psychology from the University of Copenhagen.